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How to read transaction log data in SQL Server 2000/2005?


We can’t read the transaction logs directly from SQL Server. Some products do allow you to read the logs, such as:

* Apex SQL Log (Works with MSSQL2000 and MSSQL2005)
* Log Explorer
* SQL Log Rescue (Only work with the SQL Server 2000)

The below undocumented DBCC command is working in both SQL Server 2000 & SQL Server 2005

DBCC LOG(<database name>[,{0|1|2|3|4}])
0 – Basic Log Information (default)
1 – Lengthy Info
2 – Very Length Info
3 – Detailed
4 – Full Example
DBCC log (MY_DB, 4)

Another undocumented command is DBCC LOGINFO