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Script to find out the traces running on SQL Server instance

You can execute the below script on SQL Server instance to find out the traces, trace type, trace file path and trace status.

      TraceType =
       case trace.is_default
            when 1 THEN 'Default/System Trace'
            when 0 THEN 'User Trace'
      Trace_Status =
      case trace.status
            when 1 THEN 'Running'
            when 0 THEN 'Stopped'
       ssion.session_id as SessionID,
       [loginName] = coalesce(ssion.login_name,ssion.login_name,'Reader SPID Not mentioned'),
       [Trace_File_Path] = coalesce(trace.[Path],trace.[Path],'OLEDB Client Trace')
      from sys.traces trace
            left join sys.dm_exec_sessions ssion on trace.reader_spid = ssion.session_id