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Policy Based Management in SQL Server 2008

Policy-base Management is a new feature in SQL Server 2008 that helps SQL Server administration. It allows us to define and enforce policies for configuring and managing SQL Server across the enterprise. The policy-based framework implements the policies behind the scene with a Policy Engine, SQL Server Agent jobs, SQLCLR, DDL triggers and Service Broker. Policies can be applied or evaluated against a single server or a group of servers.

To understand PBM we have to understand the below terms.
Target – an entity that is managed by PBM (i.e. database, table, index, etc.)
Facet – a predefined set of properties that can be managed
Condition – a property expression that evaluates to facets on target and returns True or False;
Policy – a condition to be checked and/or enforced

Expand the Management Node to use the PBM.

Expand the facets node to checkout the facets.

To Check out facets properties double click on facets. I have clicked on Login Facets. These facet properties are used to specify a condition

Surface Area Configuration in SQL Server 2008

I got an email from one of my reader and He is asking me that where is SAC in SQL Server 2008. Microsoft has removed the Surface Area Configuration tool that was shipped in SQL Server 2005. The Services and Connections which were previously managed using Surface Area Configuration tool is now managed using the SQL Server Configuration Manager.

To manage the database engine features you have to use Policy Based Management. For that you have to use Surface Area Configuration facet.

You can follow below steps to configure the Database Engine features.

  1. Right Click on Server Name and Select Facets from pop up windows
  2. Select “Surface Area Configuration” from facets windows and do the appropriate desired settings