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Steps to add Log Shipping monitor into an existing SQL Server

I have a requirement to add the Log Shipping Monitor for an existing installation. I have heard you can only complete this by rebuilding the Log Shipping infrastructure. Is that true? Are there any other options? In this tip I will explain how we can add the Log Shipping monitor to a SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2008 R2 or 2012 environment without rebuilding the Log Shipping installation.


Different ways to monitor Log Shipping for SQL Server databases

Log shipping has been an option for creating a fail over server for SQL Server for quite some time. In this tip, we look at different ways that you can monitor the status of your log shipped databases.


Step By Step Log-Shipping Configuration for SQL Server

Setting up Log Shipping for SQL Server is not that difficult, but having a step by step process is helpful if this is the first time you have setup Log Shipping. In this tip we walk through the steps to setup Log Shipping.

To read the step by step Log-Shipping steps CLICK ME to read it.

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