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SQL Server DBA Checklist

1. Check OS Event Logs, SQL Server Logs, and Security Logs for unusual events.
2. Verify that all scheduled jobs have run successfully.
3. Confirm that backups have been made and successfully saved to a secure location.
4. Monitor disk space to ensure your SQL Servers won’t run out of disk space.
5. Throughout the day, periodically monitor performance using both System Monitor and Profiler.
6. Use Enterprise Manager/Management Studio to monitor and identify blocking issues.
7. Keep a log of any changes you make to servers, including documentation of any performance issues you identify and correct.
8. Create SQL Server alerts to notify you of potential problems, and have them emailed to you. Take actions as needed.
9. Run the SQL Server Best Practices Analyzer on each of your server’s instances on a periodic basis.
10. Take some time to learn something new as a DBA to further your professional development.
11. Verify the Backups and Backup file size
12. Verifying Backups with the RESTORE VERIFYONLY Statement
13. In OFF-Peak Hours run the database consistency checker commands if possible