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Activity Monitor

In SQL Server 2008, Activity Monitor has below five sections namely Overview, Processes, Resource Waits, Data File I/O and Recent Expensive Queries.

Overview Section
This shows the graphical display of Processor Time (%), Number of Waiting Tasks, Database I/O (MB/Sec) and the Number of Batch Requests/second.

Processes: – section will show you the list of all the active users which are connected to SQL Server Database Engine. You can even KILL the sessions from here.

Resource Waits – Shows wait state information. It will help DBAs to identify potential bottlenecks with respect to Memory, CPU, Network I/O, Cache etc

Data File I/O – Shows I/O information for database data and log files. You can troubleshoot DISK IO related issues from here.

Recent Expensive Queries – Shows information about the most expensive queries. You can check the execution plan as well by just doing right click.

How to Open Activity Monitor from SSMS tool?

To start Activity Monitor in SQL Server 2008 SSMS, right-click on the SQL Server name you want to monitor.

From  SQL Server 2008 Management Studio’s toolbar, click Activity Monitor as shown in the snippet below.