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[00419]-2014-Dec-19 Database Backup WITH CHECKSUM
[00418]-2014-Dec-19 OpenDataSouce function – to query OLEDB Data Source
[00417]-2014-Dec-02 Different options to check object definition
[00416]-2014-Dec-02 T-SQL Script to check SQL Server Instance TCP/IP Port Number
[00415]-2014-Oct-18 Error Fix: Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 14516
[00414]-2014-Oct-09 T-SQL Script to Check if LiteSpeed is installed or not on the server
[00413]-2014-Sep-16 Powershell – To check the Drive and Disk Space Information
[00412]-2014-Sep-16 Powershell – To check the Drive and Disk Space Information
[00411]-2014-Sep-03 T-SQL Script to Check the Native Compressed backup file size and Backup Compression Ratio
[00410]-2014-Sep-02 Powershell Script to Check – Number of Cores and Logical Processors
[00409]-2014-Sep-02 SQL Server – Backup Verification Script – Based on conditions
[00408]-2014-Jul-07 RESOURCE_SEMAPHORE WAIT – Performance Troubleshooting
[00407]-2014-Jun-01 How to rerun the SQL Agent job step automatically in case of failure?
[00406]-2014-Jun-01 What is the role of job owner in SQL Server? How does it affect job?
[00405]-2014-Mar-21 Script to check SQL Case Sensitivity
[00404]-2014-Mar-14 Spinlocks lightweight synchronization primitives
[00403]-2014-Feb-19 Script to get data file size, used space and free space
[00402]-2014-Feb-10 Best Practices SQL Server Transaction Log
[00401]-2014-Jan-20 Task Scheduler Error – specified logon session does not exist
[00400]-2014-Jan-06 Steps to recover access-reset SA Password to SQL Server Instance without downtime
[00399]-2014-Jan-02 find out the traces running on SQL Server instance
[00398]-2014-Jan-02 Script to find out the traces running on SQL Server instance
[00397]-2014-Jan-02 Script to get the SQL Server Installation Date and Authentication Mode
[00396]-2013-Dec-31 How to attach a SQL Server database with a missing transaction log file?
[00395]-2013-Oct-17 LiteSpeed – Restore Script
[00394]-2013-Oct-17 LiteSpeed – Backup Scripts
[00393]-2013-Oct-16 Table Hints – NoLock vs ReadPast
[00392]-2013-Oct-08 XP_LogEvent and RaiseError
[00391]-2013-Aug-27 How to find out the SQL Server installation date?
[00390]-2013-Aug-27 How to make sure that view metadata is updated?
[00389]-2013-Aug-23 How to connect SQL Server instance in case of SSPI context error?
[00388]-2013-Aug-23 How to install IIS on Windows 7?
[00387]-2013-Aug-17 What is “Null”? How much space “Null” value takes in SQL Server?
[00386]-2013-Jul-16 Script to find out Stored Procedures which are Using most resources
[00385]-2013-May-26 SQL Server 2014 – Public CTP Now Available
[00384]-2013-May-26 SQL Server 2008: SQL Mail does not work with the 64-bit version of SQL Server (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 17938)
[00383]-2013-May-26 T-SQL Script to find out the database file size, space used and available free space
[00382]-2013-Mar-25 How to make Lite Speed Central database and Local repository in sync?
[00381]-2013-Mar-19 Permission required for SP_UpdateStats
[00380]-2013-Feb-25 ORIGINAL_LOGIN() and SUSER_SNAME() functions
[00379]-2013-Feb-25 Script to get the Last Backup Date of database full and t-log backup
[00378]-2013-Feb-25 Script to get backup history
[00377]-2013-Feb-05 SA account property-password change
[00376]-2013-Feb-05 Important Trace Flags for DBA
[00375]-2013-Jan-28 How to monitor SQL Server Services of multiple instances?
[00374]-2013-Jan-08 Get the List Of DBCC Commands & Syntax
[00373]-2013-Jan-08 Script to get the SQL Agent Properties
[00372]-2013-Jan-08 How to check registry value using DMV?
[00371]-2012-Dec-20 Steps to Move SQL Server Log Shipping Secondary Database Files
[00370]-2012-Dec-20 sys.dm_server_services
[00369]-2012-Dec-13 Powershell Script to get the Operating System Infomrmation
[00368]-2012-Dec-13 Logical function – Choose – SQL Server 2012
[00367]-2012-Nov-27 Link to download Sample SQL Server Databsae
[00366]-2012-Nov-27 Script to check – Login Name and Password are same
[00365]-2012-Nov-25 Script to check the database Properties
[00364]-2012-Nov-25 Monitoring and Troubleshooting using sys.dm_os_ring_buffers
[00363]-2012-Nov-25 Steps to check – Windows Account is Locked, Disabled, Expired or Requires Password Change
[00362]-2012-Nov-24 Script to get the SQL Server Properties
[00361]-2012-Nov-16 Steps to add Log Shipping monitor into an existing SQL Server
[00360]-2012-Nov-12 Security – sys.sql_logins
[00359]-2012-Nov-08 Prevent Truncation of Dynamically Generated Results in SQL Server Management Studio
[00358]-2012-Oct-26 Steps to Check the Host Name for a Clustered SQL Server Instance
[00357]-2012-Oct-16 Error: Database diagram support objects cannot be installed
[00356]-2012-Oct-15 T-SQL Script to identify tables without Primary Key
[00355]-2012-Oct-08 The CHECK_POLICY and CHECK_EXPIRATION options cannot be turned OFF when MUST_CHANGE is ON. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 15128)
[00354]-2012-Oct-05 Script to determine identity table and identity column
[00353]-2012-Oct-05 Lock Windows/Desktop with a Single Keystroke
[00352]-2012-Oct-05 T-SQL Script to identify the data, log and backup drive
[00351]-2012-Oct-03 Script to find out the database file size, log file size on SQL Server 2000/2005/2008
[00350]-2012-Sep-27 Saving changes is not permitted while modifying table design
[00349]-2012-Sep-24 PowerShell script to find files that are consuming the most disk space
[00348]-2012-Sep-11 Powershell Script to get total and free disk space
[00347]-2012-Sep-11 Update Statistics Useful Scripts
[00346]-2012-Sep-10 SQL Server Management Studio Error 916
[00345]-2012-Sep-06 DBCC Config Undocument Command
[00344]-2012-Aug-28 How to check Lock Pages In Memory is enabled?
[00343]-2012-Aug-28 Local System, Network Service and Local Service
[00342]-2012-Aug-23 How much memory is used by each database in SQL Server?
[00340]-2012-Aug-07 Script to Identify Optimal MaxDop Setting
[00339]-2012-Aug-03 How to grant the execute permission to User on all the procedure of the database?
[00338]-2012-Jul-31 Database is 100 percent restored but restore command still running and DB is in restoring mode
[00337]-2012-Jul-26 How to connect to SQL Server 2008 or 2005 using SQL Server Management Studio?
[00336]-2012-Jul-26 How to create the MS-DTC group on cluster
[00335]-2012-Jul-17 T-SQL script to Identify the SQL Server version and edition
[00334]-2012-Jul-10 Fix: MSP Error: 29528
[00333]-2012-Jul-09 How to move job to different SQL Instance?
[00332]-2012-Jun-28 How to check the IIS Version?
[00331]-2012-Jun-26 Using a PowerShell Script to delete old files for SQL Server
[00330]-2012-Jun-15 Different ways to make a table read only in a SQL Server database
[00329]-2012-Jun-12 FIPS cryptographic algorithms validation error reporting service
[00328]-2012-Jun-07 How to give password to the excel file?
[00327]-2012-Jun-07 User ‘XXXX’ does not have required permissions. Verify that sufficient permissions have been granted and Windows User Account Control (UAC) restrictions have been addressed.
[00326]-2012-May-28 Steps to install the PostgreSQL on windows
[00325]-2012-May-28 What is PostGreSQL
[00324]-2012-May-23 Steps to change logged in account password on Remote Desktop Session Windows Server 2008/R2 box
[00323]-2012-May-22 Setting the PowerShell Execution Policy
[00322]-2012-May-21 How to make SQL Server View Read Only?
[00321]-2012-Apr-28 SQL Server Login Failure Error 18456, Severity 14, State 10
[00320]-2012-Apr-16 Script to Create Foreign Key on the Compound Primary Key
[00319]-2012-Apr-15 Primary Key, Unique Key, Clustered Index, Non Clustered Index and Constraints
[00318]-2012-Mar-29 Powershell Script to register all sQL Instances to CMS
[00317]-2012-Mar-28 bug fix property islocked is not available for login sa this property may not exist for this object or may not be retrievable due to insufficient access rights
[00316]-2012-Mar-24 How to setup schedule Maintenance Plan?
[00315]-2012-Mar-24 How to check the Index Fragmentation in SQL Server?
[00314]-2012-Mar-14 How to connect the SQL Server running on the different TCP/IP port?
[00313]-2012-Mar-10 How to check waits in SQL Server 2000?
[00312]-2012-Mar-07 How to use RunAs command for SSMS if option does not exist?
[00311]-2012-Mar-04 Script to create a Database with different collation
[00310]-2012-Mar-02 Script to drop all SQL Logins
[00309]-2012-Feb-12 Steps to Save/Store file into Database
[00308]-2012-Feb-12 @@MICROSOFTVERSION Function
[00307]-2012-Feb-12 How to Capture DeadLock Graph Using SQL Profiler
[00306]-2012-Feb-12 Steps to create the deadlock scenario
[00305]-2012-Feb-11 Explanation of SP_Configure command
[00304]-2012-Feb-03 Script to find out most CPU bound Queries
[00303]-2012-Feb-03 How to insert value into IDENTITY column?
[00302]-2012-Jan-06 Performance Tuning – Wait Statistics
[00301]-2012-Jan-18 Different ways to check the SQL Server Instance Port number
[00300]-2012-Jan-06 Performance Tuning Series
[00299]-2011-Dec-30 Basics of Replication Troubleshooting
[00298]-2011-Dec-27 Script to Monitor the Running Job Status
[00297]-2011-Dec-21 Different ways to monitor Log Shipping for SQL Server databases
[00296]-2011-Dec-20 Steps to Attach a SQL Server database without transaction log file
[00295]-2011-Dec-13 PathPing-command
[00294]-2011-Dec-08 Extended Stored Procedure xp_msver
[00293]-2011-Dec-02 Script to Enable-Disable Database for Replication
[00292]-2011-Dec-02 Script to Enable/Disable Database for Replication
[00291]-2011-Nov-25 Steps to change the server name for a SQL Server machine
[00290]-2011-Nov-23 How to setup and configure the TDE
[00289]-2011-Nov-21 How to estimate the size of the backup file
[00288]-2011-Nov-18 Dedicated Administrator Connection
[00287]-2011-Nov-17 Common cause of the performance issues
[00286]-2011-Nov-17 Script to find out Heap Table/Table without clustered Index
[00285]-2011-Nov-16 Steps to restore Database using Database Snapshot
[00284]-2011-Nov-16 Steps to restore resource database
[0283]-2011-Nov-16 SQL Dependency Reporting
[00282]-2011-Nov-12 SQL Server 2008 R2 Unable to Start After Applying CU1
[00281]-2011-Oct-24 Standardize SQL Server Installations with Configuration Files
[00280]-2011-Oct-19 Script to get the CPU and Memory Information
[00279]-2011-Oct-18 Customizing the Status Bar for each SQL Server Instance registered in CMS
[00278]-2011-Oct-10 Query to check errorlog file location from SSMS
[00277]-2011-Sep-28 Useful queries while troubleshooting Database Mirroring
[00276]-2011-Sep-22 Steps to Create a 32-bit DSN on 64-bit machine for SQL Server
[00275]-2011-Sep-13 How to configure SQL Server to listen on Mutiple Ports
[00274]-2011-Jul-07 Script to Get Available and Free Disk Space for SQL Server
[00273]-2011-Jul-25 Difference between temporary table and table variable
[00272]-2011-Jul-07 Steps to setup a replication in MySQL
[00271]-2011-Jul-06 T-SQL Script to Check/Create directory
[00270]-2011-Jun-24 Restoring a SQLServer database that uses Change Data Capture
[00269]-2011-Jun-14 How to Move Resource Database?
[00268]-2011-Jun-08 How to kill all sessions that have open connection in a SQL Server Database?
[00267]-2011-Jun-01 Change Data Capture in SQL Server 2008
[00266]-2011-May-04 SQL Server Central Management Servers System Tables
[00265]-2011-May-17 Bug Fix:The I/O operation has been aborted because of either a thread exit or an application request
[00264]-2011-May-04 Customize SSMS query window for standard comment block and frequently used commands
[00263]-2011-May-02 Bug Fix:Cannot find template file for the new query
[00262]-2011-Apr-26 DMV to identify database features restricted to specific edition of SQL Server 2008
[00261]-2011-Apr-26 How to enable Dedicated Administrator Connection Feature in SQL Server 2008?
[00260]-2011-Apr-15 How to Turn Off SSMS Auto Recovery Feature?
[00259]-2011-Apr-08 Change Setting for Recently Used Files in SSMS
[00258]-2011-Apr-04 What is .TUF file in Log Shipping?
[00257]-2011-Apr-04 how to be SQL DBA?
[00256]-2011-Mar-29 Script to Monitor the progress of ALTER, Backup, Restore, DBCC, Rollback and TDE commands
[00255]-2011-Mar-28 How to Check When SQL Server was installed?
[00254]-2011-Mar-28 Dos Command to Check System Properties and Server Reboot time
[00253]-2011-Mar-26 Script to Update Statistics
[00252]-2011-Mar-21 Resolving Could Not Open Connection
[00251]-2011-Mar-18 Msg 15009, Level 16, State 1, Procedure sp_help, sp_helptext or object_definition()
[00250]-2011-Mar-15 Reolication Error Message Number and Description
[00249]-2011-Mar-11 Steps to change default value of SELECT (Top 1000) or EDIT(Top 200) rows in SSMS 2008
[00248]-2011-Mar-10 How to check the CLR Status and Properties
[00247]-2011-Mar-07 Steps to clear the server list in SQL Server Management Studio
[00246]-2011-Mar-04 SQL Server 2011 AKA Denali Step By Step Installation
[00245]-2011-Feb-27 Policy Based Management in SQL Server 2008
[00244]-2011-Feb-27 Undocumented Server Property ErrorLogFileName
[00243]-2011-Feb-27 How to Hide System Objects in Object Explorer?
[00242]-2011-Feb-22 Step By Step Log-Shipping Configuration for SQL Server
[00241]-2011-Feb-18 Surface Area Configuration in SQL Server 2008
[00240]-2011-Feb-11 SQLWB.exe (SQL2k5) and SSMS.exe(SQL2K8)
[00239]-2011-Feb-07 Steps to Check SQL Server Services Status
[00238]-2011-Feb-02 DMVs for SQL Server Cluster
[00237]-2011-Feb-02 Can we restore SQL Server 2008 database to SQL Server 2005?
[00236]-2011-Jan-31 Enabling IntelliSense and Refreshing IntelliSense Data in SSMS 2008
[00235]-2011-Jan-31 Script to find out Orphaned AD/Windows Logins
[00234]-2011-Jan-31 Script to create Folder/Directory using SSMS
[00233]-2011-Jan-31 Query to Check the SQL Server Restart time
[00232]-2011-Jan-29 Troubleshooting CPU bottleneck
[00231]-2011-Jan-27 Script to Rename Database
[00230]-2011-Jan-26 Clear/Remove SQL Server Services from Services.msc
[00229]-2011-Jan-26 How to take database out of emergency mode?
[00228]-2011-Jan-26 How to take database out of emergency mode?
[00227]-2011-Jan-24 Script to Calculate DB size
[00226]-2011-Jan-24 Script to disconnect All active users on database
[00225]-2011-Jan-21 List of Scripts which make you database hero
[00224]-2011-Jan-19 Central Management Server
[00223]-2011-Jan-19 SQL Server Profiler
[00222]-2011-Jan-18 SQL Server Services
[00221]-2011-Jan-18 Different ways to secure the SQL Server SA Login
[00220]-2011-Jan-12 Copying column headers with grid query results in SQL Server Management Studio
[00219]-2011-Jan-11 Script to get the last update statistics date
[00218]-2011-Jan-11 List of Standard Report in SQL Server 2005-2008
[00217]-2011-Jan-11 How can we import/export registered servers?
[00216]-2011-Jan-11 Steps to rename table name and column name
[00215]-2011-Jan-10 Logical Join Vs Physical Join
[00214]-2011-Jan-10 Date Time Functions
[00213]-2011-Jan-10 Download and Install AdventureWorks Sample Database
[00212]-2011-Jan-07 How to Create Alias in SQL Server?
[00211]-2011-Jan-06 Identify Objects Type using sys.SysObjects
[00210]-2011-Jan-06 Insert data from one table to another table
[00209]-2011-Jan-06 Display the size of all tables in Sql Server 2005
[00208]-2011-Jan-05 Linked Server in SQL Server
[00207]-2011-Jan-04 GO Keyword with Integer Parameter
[00206]-2011-Jan-04 SSMS T-SQL Batch Separator
[00205]-2011-Jan-03 Backup Start Date Time and Finish Date Time
[00204]-2011-Jan-03 How many databases can be mirrored on a single instance of Microsoft SQL Server?
[00203]-2011-Jan-01 KILL SQL Server 2000 Blocking SPID and Records it details
[00202]-2010-Dec-31 Steps to insert error log records into temporary table
[00201]-2010-Dec-31 Stop successfull backup loging messages in SQL Server Error Log?
[00200]-2010-Dec-30 Transaction Log Backup
[00199]-2010-Dec-29 How the SQLBrowser Service Works Internally?
[00198]-2010-Dec-28 Row Versioning in SQL Server 2005
[00197]-2010-Dec-28 SQL Server 2005 Output Clause
[00196]-2010-Dec-27 Ranking Function – NTITLE()
[00195]-2010-Dec-27 Ranking Function – Dense_Rank()
[00194]-2010-Dec-27 Ranking Function – Rank()
[00193]-2010-Dec-27 Ranking Function – Row_Number
[00192]-2010-Dec-26 xp_enumgroups Extended stored procedure
[00191]-2010-Dec-26 How to read error log using T-SQL?
[00190]-2010-Dec-24 How to check SQL Server Authentication Mode using T-SQL and SSMS?
[00189]-2010-Dec-22 Database Level Fixed Roles
[00188]-2010-Dec-22 SQL Server Level Roles and Description
[00187]-2010-Dec-22 How can we remove Orphan User Instead of fixing it?
[00186]-2010-Dec-22 How to fix Orphan User in absense of login
[00185]-2010-Dec-21 Activity Monitor
[00184]-2010-Dec-21 How to Open Activity Monitor from SSMS tool?
[00183]-2010-Dec-21 How to check SQL Server Version Or Build No??
[00182]-2010-Dec-20 Operating System Error 112
[00181]-2010-Dec-20 Step by Step DB Mail Configuration
[00180]-2010-Dec-20 How to enable database mail feature in SQL Server 2005/2008?
[00179]-2010-Dec-18 Different types of SQL Server Database Access mode
[00178]-2010-Dec-16 How to get the lists of System Stored Procedures in SQL Server?
[00177]-2010-Dec-15 Run a Stored Procedure when SQL Server starts
[00176]-2010-Dec-15 Master..spt_values system table
[00175]-2010-Dec-15 Unable to change autogrowth properties of SQL Server of log file
[00174]-2010-Dec-14 LOGINPROPERTY Built-In function
[00173]-2010-Dec-13 How to get data of SQL Server PerfMon Counters without running Performance Monitor tool?
[00172]-2010-Dec-13 Make SQL Server DB Read Only/Read-Write Only
[00171]-2010-Dec-08 MSQL_XP Wait type
[00170]-2010-Dec-08 Error: The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint
[00169]-2010-Dec-08 Script to list out all DMVs and DMFs of SQL Server
[00168]-2010-Dec-06 How to generate script using SSMS GUI?
[00167]-2010-Dec-03 How to rename SA account in SQL Server
[00166]-2010-Dec-03 New DMF for SQL Server 2008 sys.dm_fts_parser to parse a string
[00165]-2010-Nov-15 SP to recycle SQL Server and Agent Error Log file
[00164]-2010-Nov-15 Issues with Using Run As to Start SQL Server Management Studio with a Different Login
[00163]-2010-Nov-11 Download SQL Server 2011 code name Denali
[00162]-2010-Oct-29 How to check database ISOLATION Level?
[00161]-2010-Oct-22 SQL Server Version and Code Name
[00160]-2010-Oct-05 Find the create and modified date of Database Objects
[00159]-2010-Sep-30 Peer-to-peer transactional replication and conflict
[00158]-2010-Sep-30 Peer-to-peer transactional replication and conflict
[00157]-2010-Aug-10 Unable to start execution of step (reason: The PowerShell subsystem failed to load [see the SQLAGENT.OUT file for details];The job has been suspended). The step failed.
[00156]-2010-Aug-03 SQL Server Upgrade Startegies
[00154]-2010-Jul-08 Resource System Database
[00153]-2010-Jul-07 Dedicated Administrator Connection (DAC)
[00152]-2010-Jul-01 SQL Server Full Backup Internally
[00151]-2010-Jun-17 Monitor, Start and Stop services using xp_servicecontrol
[00150]-2010-May-21 Split-Brain/tiebreaker in Cluster
[00149]-2010-May-06 Error: 1101, Severity: 17, State: 2.
[00148]-2010-May-06 How to move data and log file using Alter statement
[00147]-2010-Apr-14 Shrink SQL Server 2000 Database
[00146]-2010-Apr-12 Remote Desktop Error – The terminal server has exceeded the maximum number of allowed connections
[00145]-2010-Apr-12 How to check authentication scheme in SQL 2005/SQL 2008?
[00144]-2010-Apr-01 how to delete temporary files (*.tmp) and bak files (*.bak)
[00143]-2010-Apr-01 SQL Server and Protocols
[00142]-2010-Mar-31 Number of articles and readers
[00141]-2010-Mar-30 Default Startup Parameters – SQL Server
[00140]-2010-Mar-29 Trace Flag 3226
[00139]-2010-Mar-29 Key Points in Disaster Recovery
[00138]-2010-Mar-27 Script to fix and list out Orphan Users on all the databases on server
[00137]-2010-Mar-27 RAID Levels
[00136]-2010-Mar-27 Enabling Filestream to store compress documents
[00135]-2010-Mar-26 Max Degree of Parallelism and MAXDOP
[00134]-2010-Mar-25 SQL Server 2008 R2 Editions and Key Features
[00133]-2010-Mar-24 Download SQL Server 2008 R2 CTP
[00132]-2010-Mar-24 SQL Server 2008 R2 Airlift and Report Builder 3.0
[00131]-2010-Mar-24 SQL Server 2008 R2 Airlift Event
[00130]-2010-Mar-19 Script to Unlock SQL User account
[00129]-2010-Feb-18 Insert Extended Characters into a SQL Server Table Using OSQL and T-SQL
[00128]-2010-Feb-18 Database Migration Checklist
[00127]-2010-Feb-20 SQL Server 2008 Interview Questions
[00126]-2010-Feb-17 SP_Who Process status
[00125]-2010-Feb-15 Database Mirroring Vs Log Shipping
[00124]-2010-Feb-15 Script to find out data and log file size
[00123]-2010-Feb-15 Script to Take database offline
[00122]-2010-Feb-15 How to make database read only?
[00121]-2010-Feb-15 What is Orphan User and Script to fix the Orphan Users
[00120]-2010-Feb-15 MySQL Replication
[00119]-2010-Feb-15 FAQs .Net Assembly
[00117]-2009-Dec-17 Login failed for user ‘sa’ because the account is currently locked out. The system administrator can unlock it.
[00116]-2009-Dec-12 Index Rebuild vs Index Reorganize. Diffrence between Index Rebuild and Index Reorganize
[00115]-2009-Dec-12 IHow to check SQL Services status from management studio?
[00114]-2009-Nov-26 Service Principle Name
[00113]-2009-Nov-24 Script to Verify the litespeed backup file
[00112]-2009-Nov-24 Script to list out important properties of database
[00111]-2009-Nov-24 Script to change the database compatibility level
[00110]-2009-Nov-16 Login failed for user XYZ The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection.
[00109]-2009-Nov-16 Unable to install Windows Installer
MSP file
[00108]-2009-Nov-10 Msg 7391, Level 16, State 2, Line 23 – Error while running Linked Server.
[00107]-2009-Nov-06 Script – Generate DBCC ShrinkFile for each datbase files
[00106]-2009-Nov-03 Login failed for user ‘(null)’. Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection.
[00105]-2009-Nov-02 DBCC PAGE
[00104]-2009-Oct-16 Shrink Log File
[00103]-2009-Oct-13 An error has occurred while establishing a connection to the server
[00102]-2009-Oct-09 What are the features we can enable using Surface Area Configuration Tool?
[00101]-2009-Oct-08 SQL Server Security Interview Questions
[00100]-2009-Oct-08 How to change Min/Max Memory in SQL Server?
[00099]-2009-Oct-07 SQL Server 2008 Active-Passive/Active-Active Cluster Installation
[00098]-2009-Oct-05 How to move Cluster Resource/Services to proper node using command prompt?
[00097]-2009-Oct-05 How to check cluster resources are running on proper node using command prompt?
[00096]-2009-Oct-05 Login Issue
[00095]-2009-Sep-24 Shrink the log to as small a size as possible (truncateonly)
[00094]-2009-Aug-02 SQL Server 2005 Backup Error Messages
[00093]-2009-Jul-22 Server: Msg 7391, Level 16, State 1, Line 2
[00092]-2009-Jul-22 Error: 18456, Severity: 14, State: 16
[00091]-2009-Jul-22 Insert Extended Character using OSQL Utility
[00090]-2009-Jul-22 Msg 15410, Level 11, State 1
[00089]-2009-Jul-22 Msg 15063, Level 16, State 1
[00088]-2009-Jul-17 Troubleshoot Blocking
[00087]-2009-Jul-17 kernel udopen: operating system error 2 in SQL Server 6.5
[00086]-2009-Jul-16 How to find database restore history from MSDB?
[00085]-2009-Jul-16 How to improve communication skills & Support Service
[00084]-2009-Jun-25 How to improve TempDB performance?
[00083]-2009-Jun-25 Troubleshoot Suspect Database Issue
[00082]-2009-Jun-23 DRBD, Heartbeat and MySQL
[00081]-2009-Apr-29 How to search error from SQL Server error log or SQL Server Agent Log?
[00080]-2009-Apr-24 Error 18456, Severity 14: Login Failed States
[00079]-2009-Mar-25 How to Alter a SQL Server Database as Single User Mode and as Multi User Mode
[00078]-2009-Jan-15 Find the SQL Server Service Startup Time
[00077]-2009-Jan-15 Execute As in SQL Server 2005
[00076]-2009-Jan-10 How to recover root password in MySQL?
[00075]-2009-Jan-09 Oralce Interview Questions – Year 2009 Part – II
[00074]-2009-Jan-09 Oracle Interview Questions – Year 2009 – Part I
[00073]-2009-Jan-09 MySQL and Linux commands
[00072]-2009-Jan-08 How to decide Primary Key column data type in MySQL? Expectation with the Primary Key column
[00071]-2009-Jan-07 SQL Server Execution Context and Security
[00070]-2009-Jan-05 SQL Server Interview Questions 2K9 – Part – I
[00069]-2009-Jan-03 SQL Server 2005 Schema, Schema Properties, Schema T-SQL
[00068]-2009-Jan-02 Download SQL Sever 2005/SQL Server 2008 Samples
[00067]-2008-Dec-22 When connecting to SQL Server 2005, this failure may be caused by the fact that under the default settings SQL Server does not allow remote connections.
[00066]-2008-Dec-31 How do I install the Service Pack?
[00065]-2008-Dec-31 SQL Server Service Packs and Hotfixes
[00064]-2008-Dec-31 How do we see the SQL Plan in textual format?
[00063]-2008-Dec-30 How to enable or disable ‘sa’ login?
[00062]-2008-Dec-22 SQL Server 2005 Questions and Answers
[00061]-2008-Dec-22 DBA Roles and Responsibilities
[00060]-2008-Nov-19 Datbase Snapshot
[00059]-2008-Nov-08 Factors That Impact Performance
[00058]-2008-Nov-08 What does database performance means?
[00057]-2008-Sep-17 SQL Server and Networking
[00056]-2008-Sep-16 Table Locking enhancement –
SQL Server 2008
[00055]-2008-Sep-16 Resource Governor in SQL Server 2008
[00054]-2008-Sep-16 SQL Server 2008 Sparse column
[00053]-2008-Sep-16 Data Page LSN and Transaction Log LSN
[00052]-2008-Sep-16 Log Shipping Requirements
[00051]-2008-Sep-09 Network Troubleshooting Dos Commands
[00050]-2008-Sep-09 Networking Questions
[00049]-2008-Sep-08 Networking Interview Questions
[00048]-2008-Sep-08 Open Systems Interconnection Model
[00047]-2008-Sep-08 What is the Global.asax file?
[00046]-2008-Sep-04 “Cannot Generate SSPI Context” error message, more comments for SQL Server
[00045]-2008-Sep-05 Important Backup Options
[00044]-2008-Sep-05 How to take backup in Multiple files?
[00043]-2008-Sep-05 SQL Server Windows Authentication (MIX Mode Authenticatio)
[00042]-2008-Sep-04 The Basics of Hyper-Threading: What is it?
[00041]-2008-Sep-04 Networking Terms
[00040]-2008-Sep-04 Can not open user default database; login failed
[00039]-2008-Sep-04 Index Covering
[00038]-2008-Sep-03 How to change SQL Server Instance Name?
[00037]-2008-Aug-27 Exception Handling using Try-Catch in SQL Server 2005
[00036]-2008-May-28 Replication Agents
[00035]-2008-May-28 Replication in SQL Server 2005
[00034]-2008-May-26 Java Interview Questions
[00033]-2008-May-26 SQL Server 2005 Server-Level Fixed Roles
[00032]-2008-May-26 SQL Server Fixed Database-Level Roles
[00031]-2008-May-14 Oracle Databse Questions and Answers
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34 thoughts on “All Articles

  1. antony

    I got the job as a DBA in sql server 2005
    i konow basics query retervial,database creation..etc.
    but i have to know the database backup.
    please suggest the comments help me……..

    1. Jugal Shah Post author

      The master database records all the system-level information for a SQL Server system. This includes instance-wide metadata such as logon accounts, endpoints, linked servers, and system configuration settings. Also, master is the database that records the existence of all other databases and the location of those database files and records the initialization information for SQL Server. Therefore, SQL Server cannot start if the master database is unavailable.

      In SQL Server, system objects are no longer stored in the master database; instead, they are stored in the Resource database.The Resource database is a read-only database that contains all the system objects that are included with SQL Server. SQL Server system objects, such as sys.objects, are physically persisted in the Resource database, but they logically appear in the sys schema of every database. The Resource database does not contain user data or user metadata.

  2. Sagir


    Memory utilization of my system goes high so what is the normal utilization of sql server 2005 and what is the query in sql server 2k5 to find how much memory is utilizing?

    1. Jugal Shah Post author

      Memory utilization depends on the current system load, you can limit the memory use by configuring min/max memory and lock pages in memory.

      To find out the memory usage and troubleshooting use DBCC MEMORYSTATUS command.

  3. Roy

    Dear Jugal Sir,
    I am a DBA working in Bangalore, just completed 1 month today.
    Sir, I have 2 questions for you.
    1) How is DBA and Datawarehousing related to one another ?
    2) Can I change my role from a DBA to datawarehousing in the near future ?

    1. Jugal Shah Post author

      Datawarehousing is OLAP, it has data for analysis and Production DBA is OLTP where the data is live. You can change must you must have knowledge of BI Tools and Analysis service.

  4. Aru

    Hi Jugal Shah

    Am new to this forum and to dba too. Am currently working as production support in ms sql server. I am really serious in becoming a dba. Can you please guide me? If possible mail me your advise to Waiting for your kind guidance. Thanks in advance!

  5. Biju jose

    started reading your blog today ,going through each post ,I don’t know when I will complete this, but its nice to read this blog ,since its really easy to read and understand your posts , each are presented in a very simple and in a straight manner. Thanks jugal ,keep it up

  6. vivek choubey

    Hello jugal bhai,
    i am vivek and 3 years of experience in Support.Currently looking for a job as SQL DBA.Please guide me what ishould do for that.I am reading sql from various sources so please guide me

  7. Prabhakar reddy

    Hello Jugal,

    This is Awesome its very helpful for me everything pin to pin explained here…. thanks a lot!!!

  8. Kailash Kant Jangid

    Very nice articles Sir
    I need your help on below ..
    I have login table for web application as we required that what action has been performed by user on website like (Insert, update, delete) and any changes make by database administrator or developer in sql server, should be audited. – I created sql audit from security in sql by wizard for each databases for insert, update, delete and select. It is audited and showing which statement (DML/DDL) has been performed but unable to get which data actually changes and by whom (User from login table)

  9. Ganesh

    I am struggling to fetch all Active Directory Users list sql query.

    How to fetch all Active Directory users list and that list we want to store in the local sql server table..?.

    I tried the below Query. but, it is returning 901 rows only always…

    SQL Query using LDAP

    SELECT * FROM OPENQUERY (ADSI , ‘SELECT samaccountname,givenName,sn,DisplayName,mail,Department,initials,name,countrycode,c
    FROM ”LDAP://,DC=info,DC=intranet” WHERE objectClass = ”User” ‘)


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