FAQ: How to connect to SQL Server 2008 or 2005 using SQL Server Management Studio?

Many times I am getting a question from the SQL Server newbie, how to connect SQL Server after the installation. You can follow below tip to connect SQL Server. Before we start connect to SQL Server, let’s first go to SQL Server installation. During the installation of SQL Server you will come across the below step where you have to configure the SQL authentication mode.


Windows Authentication: Windows Authentication mode enables Windows Authentication and disables SQL Server Authentication. Using Windows Authentication windows and domain users can connect the SQL Server.

Mixed Mode Authentication: Mixed mode enables both Windows Authentication and SQL Server Authentication. SQL Authentication means SQL Login, Password etc will be managed by SQL Server its self by storing the login info into SQL Server Master database.


While installation if you have selected the mixed mode authentication, you have to specify the password of SA account which SQL Login with full control.



Once the SQL Server is installed click on the SQL Server Management Studio, It will show you the below screen. I have explain all the items in image to connect SQL Server.






Now you are clear about the authentication

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