What is .TUF file in Log Shipping?

TUF file is a Microsoft SQL Server Transaction Undo file. .TUF File contains the information regarding any modifications that were made as part of incomplete transactions at the time the backup was performed.

A transaction undo(.TUF) file is required if a database is loaded in read-only state. In this state, further transaction log backups may be applied.

9 thoughts on “What is .TUF file in Log Shipping?

  1. subbarao

    1 If so what is the main difference b/w .trn file and .tuf file.
    2 when to use .trn file and .tuf file
    3 how to use these two these two

      1. Ambesh

        .TUF is used by sql server agent to restore the database in readonly/standby mode or simply in logshipping.

    1. Alisha

      .trn= extension of transaction log file….
      .tuf= transaction undo file ,this is generated when logshipping is configured in standby mode… this keep a record of modifications done with incompleted transactions while the backup is performed

    1. Ambesh

      and your database can’t be restored . in such case you have do a full back up and subsequent log/diff. back up to get it restored.

  2. mdh

    Is there any way to change the location of .tuf file in log shipping?
    I am using sql server 2005 and by default it creates it in the .trn folder,but it just has read permission to this folder,so it cant create utf file and log shipping failed.


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