Clear/Remove SQL Server Services from Services.msc

One of my friend was installing cluster SQL Server, installation was stopped in the middle of something and he was not able to remove the SQL Server from add/remove programs or SQL Server setup. He has deleted the registry, folder manually but still he can see the SQL Server Services in Services.msc. He called me for the issue, I have provided him the below solution and it will work.

1) Go to command prompt and use SC command to delete service

sc delete sqlserveragent
sc delete mssqlserver

2) You have to also delete the services registry entry using regedit

13 thoughts on “Clear/Remove SQL Server Services from Services.msc

  1. Dolores Tyus

    I read your blog on how to Clear/Remove SQL Server Services from Services.msc. I completed the sc commands but am unsure how to proceed from there. I found the location in regedit but cannot find an msqlserver anything. What should I look for or should I delete the entire services folder?
    I appreciate any help you can provide. I am trying to delete msde from my machine and it will not do it from control panel or uninstall on programs menu.

      1. Dolores Tyus

        I have found the path but there are several items in the path. Am I to delete them all?

  2. Koteswar

    Hello Jug
    Thanks for the above qurey
    How remove the name instances

    I have given the sc delete SQL Server (P001) and multiple way i tried but i can’t, So could you please clear on this.

    as i have unistalled SQL 2000 version with out removing the HotFixes from the server after i try to remove but i am getting error like supporting files missed.

  3. sabarish

    if we have two instances running in the same server, how we can specifically remove one instance through this method????

  4. Fahad Taher

    in the second delete option do I delete everything from the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Services ?

  5. muthu

    i tried to remove the sqlserver but i can’t able to remove,when i tried it’s showing ”access denied”
    my account access administrator permission pls provide the solution on this?

  6. MNZ

    Thanks a lot. I really work. However we need to remove the following services as well.

    sc delete MSSQLFDLauncher
    sc delete MSSQLServerOLAPService
    sc delete ReportServer


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