Central Management Server

Central Management Server
SQL Server Central Management Server is just a central repository that holds a list of managed servers. Microsoft has introduced CMS feature in SQL Server 2008 SSMS.

Use of Central Management Server
1. Multiple Server Query Execution, we can execute query against multiple servers and get the result at source.
2.Centralize the management and administration of a number of SQL Server instances from a single source can allow the DBA to save significant time and effort.
3.Evaluate policy against the multiple server from single source.
4.Control Services and bring up SQL Server Configuration Manager
5.Import and export the registered servers:

You must have at least 1 SQL Server 2008 instance which can be used as CMS

Steps to Create CMS and Register Server
1. Open the “Registered Servers” from the “View” Menu in the management studio of SQL server 2008.
2. Right click on the Central Management Servers and select “Register Central Management Server” and Register the SQL Server 2008 instance as CMS.

3. Create the groups under Registered CMS servers to define the group for each server.
4. Right Click on groups and register the all the SQL Server instances as per their group. (SQL Server 2000,2005 and 2008)

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