Logical Joins and Physical Joins

Logical Joins: INNER JOIN, RIGHT/LEFT OUTER JOIN, CROSS JOIN, OUTER APPLY. This joins are written by the user.

Physical Joins: Nested loop, merge join and hash join is common operators which we will see in execution plan as long as query contains any logical joins (inner join, outer join, cross join, semi join). These three joins are called Physical Joins.

In below example I have executed query against AdventureWorks database with Inner Join. You can see the Nested Join in Execution Plan.

2 thoughts on “Logical Joins and Physical Joins

  1. Anjali Gupta

    Hi Jugal Sir,

    I am the regular reader of you blog. It took 3 months for me to read your all posts. The best thing about your blog is you are writing in the form which will be understable by Novice DBA as well.

    I would like to share my experience with everyone that, I got a DBA job which is my dream with the best salary.

    Thank You Very Much for your posting

    God Bless you Sir

    Anjali Gupta


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