Enabling Filestream to store compress documents

Problem: If you are in the process of enabling FILESTREAM on volume and you also want to ensure that documents will be stored in the compressed form but during that time you notice that volume F:\ drive is not formatted. You need to make sure that the volume will be able to store documents in a compressed form.  You can fix the issue by using below command.

Command to format F:\
format F: /FS:NTFS /V:MYBLOBContainer/A:4096 /C

The above command will format the volume, convert it to NTFS and then label it as MYBLOBContainer. It will also set the NTFS cluster size to 4096. It is important to note that the cluster size must be 4096 or smaller for compression to be enabled for a volume. And at last, the /c parameter will compress the volume. When you are storing the FILESTREAM data, you can store it on a compressed or a non-compressed volume. The data in FILESTREAM is actually stored on the file system. There are a number of benefits to storing the data on the file system. For instance, you will be able to compress data with the NTFS compression capabilities. When the data is stored, it is in compressed form and when the data is retrieved, it is decompressed.

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