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Dear Readers

Hope you are doing well and enjoying all these database articles. I am also helping the user community on

I am requesting you to join, which is a very good site for knowledge sharing. The most attractive feature of the site is, it has a revenue sharing program in association with Google. When you post any content or share your knowledge through various sections like Discussion Forums, 90% of the revenue generated from Google Advertisement in those pages are shared with the authors.

Since the revenue sharing program is approved by Google and the revenue is paid to members directly by Google when it reaches certain minimum limit, this is a very reliable program to earn some pocket money during your free time.

If you plan to join this site, please use my user id (tojugalshah123) as the referrer so I will be added in your buddy list

Jugal Shah

Thanks for the comment, will get back to you soon... Jugal Shah

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