How to improve communication skills & Support Service

As DBA comes under the support industry, it is extremely important for DBAs to improve communication skills. As we are working production servers and backend, it is extremely important for us to communicate properly. 

  • Please take care of the below points to improve your written communication skill. 
  •  When you reply all, make sure to move names from TO to CC and CC to TO list according to whom you are writing emails
  • Be concise and to the point. Use simple English.
  • Avoid the use of slang words/abbreviations
  • Use proper spelling, grammar & punctuation
  • Do not write in CAPITALS. CAPITALS indicate that we are shouting.
  • Numbers should be expressed as words when the number is less than 10 or is used to start a sentence (example: Ten years ago, my brother and I…). The number 10, or anything greater than 10, should be expressed as a figure (example: My brother has 13 Matchbox cars.)
  • You should just mention the name instead of Hi Jugal.As we are working as support team, use `We` instead of `I`. For example; Jugal instead of Hi Jugal
  • You should change the text in the Subject line during reply emails if it is not relevant.
  • If you are asking for something in the email, you should ask them first and then mention why you need that.
  • Don’t write open ended email to user
  • If you are not sure for any support request, please ask end user for more inputs on particular request.
  • Inform your team regarding any conversation with client through chat or voice call
  • Update your work log every day
  • If you are not sure for any resolution steps, discuss it with your team and then provide it to client
  • When sending large attachments, always “zip” or compress them before sending.
  • Always include subject in your mail body.
  • Don’t send email to any account using your client account
  • Discuss as much as possible with your client
  • Grab as much as possible knowledge of the client process/environment

Thanks for the comment, will get back to you soon... Jugal Shah

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