DBA Roles and Responsibilities

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DBA Responsibilities

  • Installation, configuration and upgrading of Microsoft SQL Server/MySQL/Oracle server software and related products.
  • Evaluate MSSQL/MySQL/Oracle features and MSSQL/MySQL/Oracle related products.
  • Establish and maintain sound backup and recovery policies and procedures.
  • Take care of the Database design and implementation.
  • Implement and maintain database security (create and maintain users and roles, assign privileges).
  • Database tuning and performance monitoring.
  • Application tuning and performance monitoring.
  • Setup and maintain documentation and standards.
  • Plan growth and changes (capacity planning).
  • Work as part of a team and provide 7×24 supports when required.
  • Do general technical trouble shooting and give consultation to development teams.
  • Interface with MSSQL/MySQL/Oracle for technical support.
  • ITIL Skill set requirement (Problem Management/Incident Management/Chain Management etc)

Types of DBA

  1. Administrative DBA – Work on maintaining the server and keeping it running. Concerned with backups, security, patches, replication, etc. Things that concern the actual server software.
  2. Development DBA – works on building queries, stored procedures, etc. that meet business needs. This is the equivalent of the programmer. You primarily write T-SQL.
  3. Architect – Design schemas. Build tables, FKs, PKs, etc. Work to build a structure that meets the business needs in general. The design is then used by developers and development DBAs to implement the actual application.
  4. Data Warehouse DBA – Newer role, but responsible for merging data from multiple sources into a data warehouse. May have to design warehouse, but cleans, standardizes, and scrubs data before loading. In SQL Server, this DBA would use DTS heavily.
  5. OLAP DBA – Builds multi-dimensional cubes for decision support or OLAP systems. The primary language in SQL Server is MDX, not SQL here

Application DBA- Application DBAs straddle the fence between the DBMS and the application software and are responsible for ensuring that the application is fully optimized for the database and vice versa. They usually manage all the application components that interact with the database and carry out activities such as application installation and patching, application upgrades, database cloning, building and running data cleanup routines, data load process management, etc.

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211 thoughts on “DBA Roles and Responsibilities

    • I am 3.8 years .net developer. I have knowledge in SQL Server 2000/2005. Now I want to convert to Oracle DBA. Is this a good decision?
      Are you with me?
      With Regards

    • HELLO SIR,

      I am working for a government project on sql dba support for 4 years but i did not explore much knowledge on DBA as the activities are very routine and not related to core DBA.So i know want to grow my knowledge on sql server dba now.So can you please suggest me how to step furthur?

    • Hi Vamsi,

      How r u.How is going everything for you.
      there are 2 platforms in DBA. 1. Oracle DBA 2. SQL DBA. If you are confident to work in Comman User Interface I would suggest you to go for Oracle DBA . Moreover, Oracle DBA has good future.

      SQL DBA is windows based database administration where you can learn quickly. but keep in mind that opportunities are very rare and less for SQL DBA compared to Oracle DBA.

  1. Hello sir,

    i done MCA (2007-2010)and DBA 9i certification also.right now i m doing 6 mnts industrial training.But till now i havnt get any DBA traing.Can you help me wht will i do or in which way i search for it.

  2. hello sir…
    at present…i m pursuing…be..6 sem i want to be dba ,but i m not getting proper way and proper knowledge..kindly help me…..

  3. hello sir…
    at present i am doing mca & i want to be dba i have done oracle8i in bca.plz tell me the full procedure to be a dba.

  4. Hi, this is gopinath. I completed my B- Tech. At present i working as a network administrator as trainee further i would like to do DBA. Is tthis is the correct way? Does dba come under networking field. Please give me full information about DBA. Is it is helpfull for my further career?

  5. Hi,

    I am working as system administrator…

    I want to become SQL Server DBA…How can I?

    How is the present market in SQL server DBA?

    Pls Help me…

  6. Hi,

    I am working as system administrator…

    I want to become SQL Server DBA…How can I?

    How is the present market in SQL server DBA?

    Pls Help me…

  7. Hi Sir, i completed MCA in 2008 and i learnt Linux Administartion and presently working as a linux admin in a pvt organization. So the thing is i want to learn DBA so is it useful? I get a good job while doing DBA?

  8. Hi,

    Right now i am working with the web hosting company as a IIS administrator. I want to know, is dba is a better option for me or not? If not then suggest me the course which is suitable for me.

    I alredy did mainframe course and didn’t get any job as a fresher.

  9. Hello Sir,
    Currenly I’m working on SQL Server 2000/2005. I got 3+ years of exp. I’m looking for to do a DBA but bit confused if I could go for SQL/Oracle. Not sure hows the scope for it. Please gide me. Thanks

  10. Hello Sir,
    Currently I’m working on SQL Server 2000/2005. I got 3+ years of exp. I’m looking for to do a DBA but bit confused if I could go for SQL/Oracle. Not sure hows the scope for it. Please guide me. Thanks

  11. Hello sir,
    i have 10+ years experience in software development and implementation.
    I am self employed and designed & developed many custom made s/w. i have experience in vb6, vb.net and Delphi. i have sound knowledge database like InterBase,MySql, Ms Sql and Oracle. Now i am looking for to do DBA. what is your suggestion Oracle / Ms sql. Is this certification is necessary?


  12. Hello,
    I hv jst completed my B.E Electronics. frm Mumbai univ.
    I am thinking about doin the oracle DBA (OCP) certification course.
    Do you think its a good career option for me. or should I go for networkin

  13. Hi Sir,

    I am 4 years experienced , got trained in Oracle and performed the role of a developer for an year later my company gave me Oracle DBA training but due to no projects I am moved into a Microsoft Production support, as a support analyst where I work more on analysing the business rules and providing info to the user , and work in troubleshooting SQL jobs and batch jobs changing the passwords , providing access to the users , taking back ups of the DB .

    Now I need your help in helping me what is the role that I nned to project my self you help is very much required.

  14. Hello Sir,

    i want know about if we use Windows 2003 64 bit edition and sql server 2005 32 bit edition doet it right to choose? please suggest me what are the demerits about this.



  15. Hello sir,
    I have 3 years experience in sql server 2005 but now i have plan for dba tell me is it right or wrong? if it is right give me some responsiblities for sql dba

    Thnks in advance

  16. hi sir,

    I am fresher and just join a company for the post of IT-support and I am work on sql server.I want to be dba but i m confuse in oracle and sql server. So i want to know wich 1 is better.

  17. hello sir,,this is majid ali i am pursuing my bscIT final year i want to become DBA,so please could you help me to reach my goal…

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  19. hello sir,,this is bhujang am working for private organization as SQL Developer. i want to become DBA,so please could you help me to reach my goal…

  20. Hello Sir,

    Need your help – I have 3.4 Years of Exp in Mutual Fund Industry in Operations Department and my educational qualification is B:com. I have basic SQL skills & VBA and interested to change my domain into Oracle DBA. Please suggest whether I am eligible for Oracle DBA, if so do i need to start my exp in Oracle DBA as fresher or my previous experience will count?


    • To be SQL DBA, go through DBA roles and responsibilities. Next step is start from basic to architect level reading. MSDN, BOL and Blogs are good source of information.

  21. hi sir i am manoj i want to start my career in DBA i completed my mca i dont know the roles & responsibilities of DBA kindly provide me helpful information thanking you..

    • Start with Basic SQL Queries, Procedures, Triggers, Function, Database Structure, Table and other database objects. Next is focus on SQL Server Architecture, Backup/Restore, Security…

  22. HI
    I am a .NET developer with 3.8 year year experience in .Net an SQl. I have knoledge in Procedures, Function, and some sql features like cursor,etc. Also I created Database for one ERP project for a co-operative society which is working fine for last 12 months. Now I am working in retail application for a CMMI level 5 company and I am forced to become DBA. But still I dont know what is the roles and responsibilities of DBA.

    Can u please help me to find From where I need to start….?. Actually I am little bit tensed because of that….

    Thanks in advance

  23. I am doing the job as Software developer having knowlede of SQL 2000/2005. I want to become SQL Server DBA…Where and how can i do this? Please suggest.

  24. Hi,

    I am a data analyst in a telecome company, my current role and responsiblity
    to maintin telecome software
    to maintain application server and database server
    backup and recover
    dbcc command for maintaining

    i wnat to becaome a dba

    How i become a sql server dba

  25. Hello sir

    I completed my Diploma in ECE and iam working as content analyst, I want to change profile, could u pls guide me which course is best for me,

  26. HI SIR,
    This is Chandra from Bangalore.Now iam working as a programmer,but i want move to dba side.Iam interesting in sqldba.So,please help me on this issue.
    Please forward the interview questions and answers for 3years exp professionals please.Hope i will get it soon….


  27. Hello Sir,

    I Completed My B.Tech Information Technology then i worked Web developer where i handled Mysql, then i quit that job now i am doing Windows System administration Job, here i use MSSQL server 2008 and Windows Server 2005. I want to become a SQL Server DBA. So please say How i become a sql server dba?

    • It is good role, depending upon what application you got for the support. For example Eagle Pace, Share Point kind of application DBA role are more demanding…

  28. Hi,

    my qualification is B.Com and have experience of 7 yrs in accounts & finance field, since 1&1/2 year am working as project controller and maintaining a software in addition i have done basics in computers. i found intresting in doing DBA. will some one suggest me, should i have to join course for DBA or no?

  29. Can a IT professional become a SQL DBA administrator without experience in DB? or its better to start as SQL Developer?

    Its C# Developer a better career than SQL DBA/Developer?


  30. Hi…I am basically Oracle DBA…with 4 years of experience as Core DBA…. I am getting into a new project where they are telling me to learn MySQL. Pl guide what are the concepts that vary in Mysql from Oracle DBA concepts. What are the concepts that I need to update in Mysql. Pl send me the link of the concepts of Mysql(installation etc).

  31. Hi Sir,

    I am working as system administrator. I have 2 years of experience. I want to jump into dba administrator and i am looking for a good institute to do oracle dba course. Is it a right decision?

    Please advise me.

  32. Currently i am working in wipro technologies as a PROGRESS DEVELOPER (progress 4GL). i did OCA 11g certification and i want to be a ORACLE DBA. i have no working experience in oracle only some basic training by wipro. please clarify me how can i be a DBA.

  33. hello sir,
    this is ketaki, hv done M.Tech in bioinformatics. and currentlly m preparing for oca certification…pls suggest me the proper way to be dba…

  34. Could you please mention the difference of administrative dba/oltp and warehouse/olap regarding:

    2.Job opportunity

    Is there any special courses certification/courses for olap dba?

  35. hello sir,
    i am pursuing in b.tech in final sem under traning . i am just confuse in which fiel should i go …
    i like to go in database but in this the job are less …i am totaly confused. please give me sugestion wheter i should go for dba or not ..as i am not comfortable in programming.


  36. Hi ,

    I am a .Net devloper with 4yrs experience, recently i got a offer for sql devloper in the banking domain. Can i choose with this offer , if i go how would be the scope in future. can any one suggest .net or sql or work in both will be best?.

  37. Hi,
    I have 2years experience as oracle DBA . I do want to shift for another company with the same role. Can you please tell me what will their expectations on me and how and where can i find some opportunities with my experience and qualification!

  38. Hi Jugal,
    I had 2.5 yrs of experience in Functional & DB testing as well as Production Support.During same i had gone through Shell Scripting as well so i had small knowledge on each aspect.Just before 3 months back i switch to new company joined as a Java developer cum Black Box tester but am on bench.There is an opportunity to work as SQL DBA in same company but under different account. Though the reason of my switch was to work on new technology am pretty much new to Development ,my question is can i go for DB profile ? How is the career growth prospectus in same. Please let me know for your guidance.

    • Yes, there is good career growth in DB development and administration. If you can try for SQL Server and Oracel experties… there are very rare people who has knowledge on both the technologies…

  39. I have 1 year exp in sql server and i changed my company now my position is jr software programmer but here my project manager said your the DBA like that … so i dont know what is the difference between developer and DBA..Please can you help me… And send details to my mail id ….

  40. i have completed b.com and now i am doing job in electronics com as a application support engineer from last 6 months and i have interested in SQL dba please give me suggestion whether i should go for dba or not ..as i am not comfortable in my own job and send detail to my mail id

      • Hi ,
        i m joining in a company as a oracle DBA and i m a fresher.I have some knowledge in oracle.So,kindly guide me how i can improve myself and what are the job responsibility for a fresher DBA.what i have to do……….

  41. i am graduate in cse in 2011 and i am thinking to start my career as DBA is it having a gud life… plz help me out with your suggestions….

  42. sir

    i am graduate in Bsc IT and 2 years deploma from niit .i am working in As a mis executive but i want to go for sql dba plz guide me how to go for sql dba profile as a fresher level….

  43. sir
    i have completed MCA in 2011 pass out .i have good knowledge on sql server dba .i am planing for certification plz tell me certification path.which exam i have to give.plz give me suggestion.

  44. Sir,
    I had completed Mca in 2010 i am working as system administrator for a company, i want to know job opening are good and more for sql dba or oracle dba which is good in opportunities and growth wise..

    please help me…


  45. hello Sir

    I have done mca in 2010 and 1 years exp in manual testing . i have left my job from polaris.
    currently i have joined a new company as a sql developer but there are no any work so i am not learn .
    please help me how to improve my skill.

  46. I have done BA (Economics) in 2008 and 4+ years exp in Application Support Admin.
    Market is good Oracle and SQL DBA. There are so many new things to learn.
    please help me how to improve my skill.
    My Contact Num 9699514661.

  47. Hi I was working as oracle based application support and maintenance and Now I have designed a Complete architecture of POS in SQL server 2008 I just want to covert my profile as core DBA
    Please guide me

  48. Respected Sir,
    Currently am Working As a SQ L server DBA with Exp of 1 year..Am Creating Stored Procedures and Fully Working with .net Developers..I need to know what over all responsibilities for me..Please Help me out …

    Thanks & Best Regards

  49. Respected sir,
    I completed my b.tech last year in CSE and i am still a fresher . I want to be a DBA but i am totally confused what kind of DBA i should be . Sir what is the difference between sql server dba,Mysql dba,Sql dba etc. . I know only SQL ,please suggest me sir


  50. Hai Sir,
    I’ve completed BCA and also MBA in IT (Distance course). Currently i am working in network platform.I want to do DBA. Is this helpful for me?
    Plz guide me…..

  51. Hi sir

    I’ve completed B.Tech IT in the year 2009 and i m having exp of 2 years in Telecom(Hardware installation), Now i am looking to work in IT industry and I’ve knowledge in Sql server 2005. Is it possible to change the domain?….. Pls guide me…….

  52. am a student of ipmc i want to be a database developer, partaking in software engineering, i want to know after deploma can i become one my reason is that i completed jhs then after i went for my course.

  53. Hi Sir …
    this is sagar and u r video presentation is well , sir but i want to know the real time tools for monitoring, backup and query tuning.

  54. Hi Sir,

    can u suggest me any training center for mysql dba.Would be nice if they provide real time/hands on training on advance concepts.

  55. Actually after My B tech in IT I wanted to get into administration as i was not much interested in coding. did oracle DBA (10g) from a instsitue
    Got a job where i was interviewed for a oracle position but the job had 99% to do with mysql dba(i finished my oracle certification while i worked)
    I worked around 6 months as mysql dba but had to quit & had a pretty long break due to personal reasons.So now i am very much out of touch with what i learnt.
    But as you said in one of ur post,i am able to learn mysql stuff through trial and errors compared to oracle but for faster learning in advance concepts i think i need much help.

    Please guide me on what must be my next course of action.
    I have sql, basic system admin knowledge as well.
    Sorry for my long post.Thanks

  56. Hi,
    I have 4 years experience in .Net and now am in the 5th year. I want to Ask does Application DBA includes (Administrative,
    Development, Architect,Data Warehouse DBA) Because I am doing all of them, and even more roles like sometime Tech. Support and many other things.


  57. Sir,
    I m a B.E(ECE)2012 passout(fresher) ,for past 6 months i m doing a course in Informatica data integration tool(ETL tool),i have basic knowledge of mysql.what additional skills should i develop for getting an entry level DBA job / IT job?

  58. Sir,
    I am a high school graduate and i am taking a proffesional course in db.
    Is this a right path or i have to go college first.
    Please advice me

  59. Hi, i am ravi planning to keep a resume in job portal with 3+exp as oracle dba. recently i have learnt oracle11g dba.
    i have long gap after my graduation and i took 6 years to complete my graduation later i worked for it company in general administration. i do not have good academic record. in my +2 i have 39.5%. will all these be considered while shortlisting resume? now i am 31 yrs. is ther any possibility to get job as oracle dba. and i did MCA but i did not get certificate due to internal marks issue. kindly advice.

  60. Hi Sir,
    I am working as a PSL (Programming Scripting Language) developer for 2.5yrs which is designed by our company. I have knowledge on stored procedures.triggers,functions and index. i want to change the company but no other companies are using PSL. So i am planing to change the stream to Oracle DBA or PL/SQL developer. Can you please suggest which is the best and suits to my experience. Please email to my mail Id : ramsameer24@gmail.com


  61. Hi Sir ,I am Shankar ,now i am working as a software product support engineer we use sql server 2005.2008.20012 installation configuration and backup recovery process works we do, our company is very small and which having only one product hotel management software system specific application(not an online based) now i am decided move my Career SQL DBA
    Please help me towards this how i can improve DBA skills ..

  62. Hi Sir, I am working as a PHP developer for the last 5 years, Now I am planning to be MySql DBA. Is it my right decision to switch now? Please help me as I am worried, how will be the things there after.

  63. Hi sir, Please give me reply for this, What are the roles and responsibilities for 1 year experience people in MS SQL Server DBA.

  64. Hi Jugal Currently I am working on Acitve Directory Support three years experienced and am planning to go to SQL Database. however I dont have real time experience in SQL, I know the basics knowledge of SQL, Here I am very much worried whether should i go to SQL Developer or SQL DBA . Please help me to get the right choice for future.

  65. Hi Jugal, I have 2years Experience in Data Center as a Support and IT-Ops Team. Now i want to go with a perticular domain.Which is better for me. Please suggest.

  66. actually i am working as a application support but my work based on sql database only so what is better for me sql DBA or oracle DBA

  67. Hey Jugal,
    Thanks for sharing your valuable knowledge with us. Your articles are really helpful for the engineers like us who wants to start their career in SQL and I liked one the most that you always reply to the comments you get on your post. Actually I need a suggestion from you that I’ve been working as programmer for 6yrs but from the begininng for my career sql has always been my interest and have been working on Visual Basic , crystal report and sql server since then so now I want switch as sql developer or sql dba so wat would you suggest to me wat should I do? I have been doing some tasks in sql server like installations database backup scheduling, Import & Export and the most interesting for me is T-Sql ( queries , stored procedure, functions, views etc) for 4.5yrs . So what my next step should be to enter in SQL career ?

  68. Hi Jugal, I have 6 years experience in php and 3 years experience in sqlserver development.
    Now I want to convert to sql DBA. Is this a good decision?

  69. 1. pls tell me Defference b/w Sql dba vs Oracle Dba min 3 points
    2.Defference b/w Sql server vs Sql Dba
    3.Can SQL Dba need to learn like DDL,DML,TCL ?

    • 1. MSSQL and Oracle both are RDBMS system. MSSQL runs on windows only whereas Oracle is platform independent. They follow the diff. architecture.
      2. both are same
      3. Yes

  70. Hi jugal,

    Im having experience of 3 years as a system administrator. Here in this role im even handling oracleDB servers on linux platorm. So i know things like building oracle server, taking backups and troubleshooting Db connectivity issues.

    Now my question is if i change my domain to oracle DBA will my past experience will count to get a job.

    Naveen SB

  71. Hello sir,

    I am working as a sql dba for a government project for 4 years but i have not explored much knowledge on core dba as we have routine activities and which are not related to dba.I want to grow my knowledge on sql server dba so i request you to suggest how i can proceed furthur for a successfull dba career.

  72. Hello Jugal,

    Can you suggest me ,which technology is better MS SQL or ORACLE ?.
    Which Technology has more jobs???
    Which Technology has better onsite chances.???

  73. Hi Jugal,I am Dattatray Sonavane, working as a Windows 2003/2008 server admin for last 8 years but not finding any proper growth. So I looking for SQL DBA courses so I can switch My career to SQL DBA admin…so please help me to know course I can go for & from which Institute….Thanks

  74. Hello sir…
    Its Divya Srivastava from varanasi,
    at present, i m pursuing BCA .6 sem i want to be DBA ,but i m not getting proper way and proper knowledge..kindly help me that what should i do for be dba

  75. hello sir…
    its divya srivastava
    at present,i m pursuing BCA 6 sem. I want to be dba ,but i m not getting proper way and proper knowledge.Can you kindly help me,that what should i do for be dba

  76. hello sir,
    I have done B.E. In Computer Science. I have done course in Oracle 11g DBA. Now i am getting job as Oracle/sql support profile in insurance company. Will this experience help me to switch Oracle DBA position ?

  77. am confused with 2 questions.,
    1, SQL DBA or MSBI DEV which one have to take…
    2, How about future of SQL DBA.. there is Oracle DBA which is used more than SQL.
    please suggest me..

    Thanx in advance.

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  80. Hello Sir,
    I’m Akshay From Satara, I have completed BCA in 2015 and Doing Job in Wipro as a Technical Engineer. But i Want to switch my Profile to DBA. So Which DBA Is Good for future Growth. PLZ Help

    – Akshay Bhosale

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  82. Hi Jugal, I am currently working as application support engineer 3 years exp. I am looking to go into a domain and chose SQL DBA. Can i chose this domain or should i continue with service desk?

  83. Sir,
    I recently completed BE in information technology 2016
    I know basic of mysql
    And I recently got job as application support L1
    And I want to become DBA
    ….As I am fresher I am so confused….plz give some paths…..

  84. Hi Jugal,

    Your articles are very helpful and easy to understand. I was very much interested in SQL DBA so I did a SQL DBA course for two months and now looking jobs for sql dba,unfortunately from 1 year I am not getting any jobs and not even internships . To be honest from the course I have got good knowledge( not 100%) but I am lacking in real time experience of how actual things will go as a DBA. I have read your previous comments you are very helpful in replying to almost every person. I would like some tips for my career like if at all I get an interview chance what should I expect at interview ? and do companies actually hire for sql dba freshers ? If they don’t, what is the next step should I take ? Please reply me.


  85. Hi Sir,

    I am working as a Mysql DBA. I an interested in learning Big Data Hadoop from a reputed institute. Does It have any scope and advantage for my career in future. I have knowledge of Java programming language and PHP that’s not an issue.

    Should I go for it or not, please suggest ?

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