SQL Server 2000 Query Analyzer Shortcut

Shortcut Function   Shortcut Function
ALT+BREAK Cancel a query   CTRL+SHIFT+F2 Clear all bookmarks
ALT+F1 Database object information (Sp_Help)   CTRL+SHIFT+INSERT Insert a template
ALT+F4 Exit   CTRL+SHIFT+L Make selection lowercase
ISQLW To start query analyzer from RUN window   CTRL+SHIFT+M Replace template parameters
CTRL+B Move the splitter   CTRL+SHIFT+P Open
SQLWb To start management studio from command window   CTRL+SHIFT+R Remove comment
CTRL+D Display results in grid format   CTRL+SHIFT+S Show client statistics
CTRL+Delete Delete through the end of the line   CTRL+SHIFT+T Show server trace
CTRL+E Execute query   CTRL+SHIFT+U Make selection uppercase
CTRL+F Find   CTRL+T Display results in text format
CTRL+F2 Insert/remove bookmark   CTRL+U Change database
CTRL+F4 Disconnect   CTRL+V Paste
CTRL+F5 Parse query and check syntax   CTRL+W Window selector
CTRL+G Go to line   CTRL+X Delete
CTRL+H Replace   CTRL+Z Undo
CTRL+I Index Tuning Wizard   F1 Help for Query Analyzer
CTRL+K Display/hide execution plan   F2 Move to next bookmark
CTRL+L Display execution plan   F3 Repeat last search
CTRL+N New query window   F4 Object Search
CTRL+O Connect   F5 Execute a query
CTRL+P Print   F6 Switch between query and result panes
CTRL+R Show/Hide results pane   F8 Show/hide Object Browser
CTRL+S Save   SHIFT+F1 Transact-SQL help
CTRL+SHIFT+0 Show options   SHIFT+F2 Move to previous bookmark
CTRL+SHIFT+C Comment out code   SHIFT+TAB Decrease indent
CTRL+SHIFT+DEL Clear the active Editor pane   SHIFT+F6 Switch panes
CTRL+SHIFT+F Save results to file   TAB Increase indent

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