42 thoughts on “Becoming A DBA

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  2. Can you add me to your LinkedIn network?
    I am in UK, London and am a VB + SQL developer with a little knowledge of Database administration. I would like to become a DBA.

  3. Its very nice site jugal.thanks.
    Will you please send me all important and fundamental,advance information regarding DBA.-OCA,OCP,OCM

  4. in sql support or junior dba level interviewer ask me explain sql server 2005 architeture
    Please any body help me explain sql server architeture with diagram

    • In architecture you can explain below points…
      SQL Services
      Recovery Interval
      Starup Parameters,
      System DBs
      Pages and extents
      Query Optimizer
      Buffer Pool
      Index, hints and more…

  5. Hi Jughal.. I am new SQL server not SQL but also the Databases concpets kindly suggest me how to begining my learn in SQL server


  6. Its very nice site.thanks bro.
    Will you please send me all important and fundamental,advance information regarding DBA.MCTS,MCDBA,MCITP for 2008

  7. Dear Sir
    I ahev experience to design tables and architecture of database but I don’t have basic knowledge of Sql Server 2008,
    I can do the work but can not exactly explain the things what I should do be good DBA And How i can clear interview as DBA in Gaint IT firms.

  8. Hi Jugal,
    I have two years experience in T-SQL. I would like to develop my skills in it, and also choose DBA as profession. Could you suggest what I should be doing. In my current role, I do analysis using T-SQL. But I want to be more of SQL person than an analyst.
    Many thanks,

    • L1 is entry level DBA, where they will get the basic DBA work and will follow certain knowledge articles to troubleshoot it.
      L2 is second level experience DBA and it will hand most of DBA responsibilities
      L3 is third level escalation where issues which are not resolved by L1 or L2 will be assigned to L3

  9. Hello Sir/ Ma’am,
    This is Renuka B. Gudda, I have been working in the Educomp Solutions Ltd., Bangalore as a Smartclass coordinator since 2 aug 2012.

    I wannt to work as a DBA

    Thanks & Regards

  10. Hi Jugal,

    I joined SQL DBA for last 2 months . I cant able to get the idea for the basic concepts and other things. So please guide me to the steps & refer some books to me to understand the concepts.

  11. Hi Jugal,

    this article is useful to me. I got some information about what is DBA.

    I need small favor from your I have to attend SQL DBA interview and I have to perform L1 & L2 both roles.

    Could you please let me know what I have to prepare for interview.

    Thanks and Regards.

  12. Hi Sir,
    This is BalaKrishna , What is the use of SQL Lite Speed and how it works in the real time environment and how to get SQL Lite Speed and give me SQL Server DBA sample projects please send me this mail balu.msqldba@gmail.com

    Thanks & Regards
    BalaKrishna M

  13. Hi I have 6 years experience in php and 3 years experience in sqlserver development.
    Now I want to convert to sql DBA or oracle DBA. Is this a good decision?

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